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Want to become a distributor? Chai Me | Cocoda welcomes partnerships with well-established enterprise businesses and start-ups alike. We offer bulk pricing to Coffee Roasters, e commerce wholesalers and food service distributors looking at ranging our product range.

Private Label Blending & Packaging

25 years' industry success means we know how to source and blend products which deliver truly delicious authentic flavours and excellent top line growth for our customers. Through custom blending and high end digital packaging we can deliver beautifully branded products with minimal MOQ’s. We also have packaging specialists and food technologists standing by ready to take your brand to the next level.

This is why ChaiMe Cocoda offers custom café blending and bespoke packaging as a specialised in-house service. With our team of food technologists, we can help you create the perfect blends for your customers.

And to make a product that is all your own, our artwork and packaging connoisseurs will help you bring your brand vision to life. Not only this, but we can deliver beautifully branded products with low minimum order quantities.

Core Product Range


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