Cocoda Drinking Chocolate

Exceed your customers’ taste expectations with our drinking chocolate! Renowned for its roundness in flavour, our premium cocoa is imported from West Africa, where 70% of the world’s cocoa comes from. ChaiMe Cocoda naturally ferments and blends our signature Cocoda product to perfection at our facility in Sydney. Each batch of Cocoda goes through a rigorous and stringent quality control process to ensure that our customers receive uncompromised quality. Our dark and organic 40% and 20% Cocoda blends promise excellent value for money with potential for high ROI, making them a fabulous addition to any café.

ChaiMe Chai Powder

ChaiMe Cocoda sources the finest quality teas and freshly milled spices to produce our beautifully aromatic, famous chai blends. With five different blends to choose from, our delicious range of chai products will satisfy every chai lover, from organic infusions to exotic spices blended with organic rapadura. Our five chai blends include:

Naturally Superior Syrups

ChaiMe Cocoda produces the richest, fullest, and most delicious syrups in the café industry. We work with high-end flavourists to create the most authentic and natural extracts, producing syrups that contain no artificial colours or flavours. Each all-natural flavour is carefully benchmarked against the highest international standards, which means we can confidently say that our syrups are among the best on the market.

Processes Driven by International Standards

At ChaiMe Cocoda, we are driven to be as fresh as possible, whether it is through our ideas or the products we use.

Every ChaiMe Cocoda product starts its journey with the sourcing of natural, organic, and raw vegan materials using the most ethical means possible.

This is a scientific process that can take hundreds of hours to determine.

Fresh is best when it comes to food and beverages, which is why we follow a similar process in every aspect of what we do.

We dedicate a great deal of time to understanding the best way to treat each raw ingredient in a way that brings out its natural flavour.

  • Finally, ChaiMe Cocoda manufactures its products with an exceptional level of focus and attentiveness towards each item.

    We are cognisant and respectful of the fact that whatever we create is being consumed by real people.

  • For this reason, we strive to deliver products that are organic, natural, and delicious every single time.